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Reviewing Progress on Our Red Front Door

It was a full day today. Al continued working on the roof, trying to stay in front of the forecasted rains for tomorrow (100% probability).  Bryan met with the City of Monte Sereno to review our preliminary lighting control plans, John Rider dropped by to see how the project is developing, Bryan and John met […]

Verifying the Electrical Chases in Our SIPs are Clear

We spent the day working on the electrical chases in the gable roofs.  The chases must be ‘open’ throughout their length so the electrical wiring can be completed.  Any chases that are blocked are not acceptable. This is our last chance to verify these chases are 100% clear and electrical wires can be run unobstructed […]

Staying on Track

Our project is complex and we’re doing our best to stay on track. However, our non-maleable building materials (i.e., concrete, glass and steel) make it difficult to correct mistakes or make other changes and, consequently, we’re taking more time and money than we had planned for this project.  That said, a LEED-H Platinum project, by definition, requires […]