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Staying on Track

Our project is complex and we’re doing our best to stay on track.  However, our non-maleable building materials (i.e., concrete, glass and steel) make it difficult to correct mistakes or make other changes and, consequently, we’re taking more time and money than we had planned for this project.  That said, a LEED-H Platinum project, by definition, requires […]

Bringing Our Reclaimed Beams Home

We completed several tasks on our critical path to completing our SIP roof today.  An important task was to have all of the beams on site so they could be graded.  Having our beams is critical so the structural framing can be completed on the ground floor so we can move the SIPs onto the […]

Finalizing the Milling of Our Reclaimed Wooden Beams

‘That’s it Bryan.  If you bring any more beams then we won’t make the Thursday deadline.’  Steve Jackel was smiling, but firm. ‘No problem, Steve.  There aren’t any beams left.’  Bryan was smiling, too. Delivering Another Two Beams to Watsonville After coordinating the 2-inch rigid insulation for the exposed slab this morning, Bryan delivered the […]

Reviewing Our Progress

Jo-Anne and Nik came to the site today to review our progress (Jo-Anne wanted to verify the actual progress herself, as noted yesterday).  Everything looked fine to them, especially in the sunshine. Reviewing Kate’s Bathroom After reviewing the progress, Jo-Anne made a change to Kate’s bathroom as she would prefer Kate to have a pony wall […]