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Mocking Up Our Zinc Fascia

We mocked up our zinc fascia today.  And put three yellow cedar shakes on.  It is cool.  Way cool. After we finalize the design, the installation crew from Wildcat Metals will arrive on our job site on Thursday morning so they can work through and finish putting the zinc facia on the gables by Tuesday, December 21.  […]

Touring Twa Panel Systems’ Manufacturing Facility in Nisku, Canada

Since we (Bryan, Jo-Anne, Nik and Kate) were going to Edmonton, Canada to visit Bryan’s family for Canadian Thanksgiving, Bryan took the opportunity to visit Twa Panel Systems, Inc. in Nisku, Alberta.  Markus Benzenhofer arranged for Bryan to meet with Dave Selmser and tour the manufacturing facility. Background We are using geothermal heat exchange and […]

Installing Our 400 Amp Electric Panel

This week ended with two inspections scheduled for Tuesday, 09/07/10:  PG&E will perform the ‘mandrel inspection‘ and the City of Monte Sereno will inspect our mounting system and rough electrical for our solar photovoltaic panels.  We scheduled these inspections because we installed our 400 amp combined service entry device (400 amp electric panel) and all of […]