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Working on our Central Vacuum and BBQ Concrete Pad

We’re working on getting the central vacuum in place and completing our exterior infrastructure. Based on advice from Dan Singleton, we are using Sequoia Central Vacuum Systems of Menlo Park.  Michael White, owner of Sequoia Central Vacuum Systems, has unparalleled expertise with central vacuums. Since the HVAC and plumbing is in place, the central vacuum […]

Pouring Our Concrete Generator Pad

We poured concrete today and it looks great. And the HRV is now mounted and in place, connected to the exterior supply/exhaust plenum.  The seismic cross-bracing needs to be added and then the interior supply/exhaust can be connected. We’re getting there …      

Installing Our Displacement Air Ventilation System

We engaged Silicon Valley Mechanical to install our displacement air ventilation and hydronic heating and cooling systems.  Ken Martin took the original design and has improved on it immensely. Before we can cover any of the walls, we need to have the rough plumbing, rough electrical, rough HVAC and rough hydronic systems in place.  In […]