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Bought a Davis Weather Station

In order to monitor the rain and winds on the building site, we bought a weather station today. After reviewing the various systems, we decided on Davis Weather Stations as it appears to be the most scaleable and reasonably priced system available. We reviewed a number of sellers and spoke with Ryan Wilhour, of Archer […]

Packing Up 17509

After over 11 years and two children, packing was difficult. Jo-Anne did an amazing amount of work while I avoided packing my home office and the garage at all costs … Jerry Ditto announced our project on his web site.  It was good to get some recognition from Jerry.

Drilling Holes to Monitor Water Levels

Considering the implications of a ‘seasonal perched water table’, we decided to have two holes drilled so we could monitor exactly what was happening with the water below grade. We engaged the drilling firm to return and drill two six-inch holes in the front yard. The first hole was exactly where the other hole was […]