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Focusing on Completing Our Solar Photovoltaic Panel Installation

There are multiple components to our renovation/new construction project, all of which are tightly integrated in the overall program and design, and all of which are moving forward in parallel. One of the components is the installation of our solar photovoltaic panels.  Our original plan, which we noted in our posting on September 19, 2009 […]

Finding a Leak

We’ve almost completed the shakes on the roof and it rained yesterday.  It rained hard.  And, the roof leaked. Al investigated the leak and then we used a hose to confirm his hypothesis – the manufactured cover for the vent for the cooktop hood leaked.  Bryan was skeptical and, yes, Al was correct.  The weld […]

Reviewing Progress on Our Red Front Door

It was a full day today. Al continued working on the roof, trying to stay in front of the forecasted rains for tomorrow (100% probability).  Bryan met with the City of Monte Sereno to review our preliminary lighting control plans, John Rider dropped by to see how the project is developing, Bryan and John met […]

Completing the South Gable

Each gable of our roof has two sides, and we chose to complete the South side of the South gable first.  We did this because (1) it was easy to complete (no penetrations, solar mounts, valleys, etc.) and (2) we wanted to show visible progress. The tough part with this decision is that our progress […]