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Assembling Our SIP Wall

We had a several tasks going in parallel today with one delayed until tomorrow.  The tasks on the critical path were progressing as planned, so our overall timeline remains intact. The one task that was delayed was picking up the beams from Watsonville.  The beams could not be ready by noon today, as planned.  Fortunately, […]

Preparing for SIPs

A number of project elements (tasks) are going to come together in the next week so we can start assembling our SIPs. We now have an integrated and feasible short-term plan that will see our house rising out of the ground decisively by the end of March.  The next week should be interesting to see […]

Forming Haunches to Support Wall and Re-Shaping Pool

We have two activities going on in parallel – Bill Brown’s team is making the forms for the five concrete piers that will support the existing walls; and Michael Benison’s team is re-shaping the swimming pool. Concrete Forms The five piers that will support the I-beam that will, in turn, hold the existing walls in […]

Drilling the Final 5 Piers to Support Our Walls

Of the 25 concrete piers that are required, 5 of those piers will support steel beams that will, in return, support the existing walls of the house. All of the piers have been completed, except these final five piers. Until now, the rebar cages have been 30 ft long, now the rebar cages are 38 […]