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Integrating Our Drainage System

There is no point being ‘weather tight’ until we can move water from our roof to the storm sewer.  Given our desire to harvest all of the rainwater on our roof for landscape irrigation, with our underground cistern, this becomes a bit complicated.  Like our entire project … Rainwater Capture System – Design Overview When […]

Preparing to Install Our ‘Cool Roof’

Although the sky is clear, the weather forecast for the upcoming week includes a 10% chance of rain.  We know that the rains are coming and we need to be weather tight.  Today, Bryan confirmed that Statewide Roofing will arrive on Wednesday, 09/15/10, to install our tapered insulation on the flat roofs.  Then, they will install the 60 […]

Staying on Track

Our project is complex and we’re doing our best to stay on track. However, our non-maleable building materials (i.e., concrete, glass and steel) make it difficult to correct mistakes or make other changes and, consequently, we’re taking more time and money than we had planned for this project.  That said, a LEED-H Platinum project, by definition, requires […]