Having a successful project requires a great team, which continues to grow as we move through each successive phase of our project.

We started with the Design Team and, as the project progressed, we added material and services partners.  Some of the materials included a design element so we added those to the Design Team.

Partner Commitment

All of our partners are committed to the success of this project.  We have three levels of partners:

  • Showcase
  • Supplier
  • Vendor

The Showcase partners are using this project to showcase their products and services.  Many of their products and services are new and innovative.  We intend to provide our Showcase partners with pre- and post-completion data on the performance of their products and services that can be used in case studies and to verify the actual performance of their products and services.

Our Supplier partners are leveraing this project to continue to awareness and profile for their products and services.  However, they are using other projects to showcase their products and services.

Vendors are interested in being involved in, and associated with, this project.  We are providing references for all vendors associated with this project.  Vendors support this project and are helping to make it successful.

We welcome all of our partners to this project.

Design Team

In putting our Design Team together, we considered the following:

  1. Concern for the environment and following LEED for Homes criteria.
  2. Interest in remodelling a showcase home that will profile innovative building materials and innovative construction practices.
  3. Ease of working with through the project (being a team player).

As part of our due diligence procedures, we verified references for all of our partners in this project. We will provide unqualified references for everyone that considers engaging any of the partners listed below.  We encourage you to search feature to identify where these partners are mentioned and profiled in the daily entries.

Design Partners

LEED Provider

Contractors and Subcontractors

Materials with Engineering/Design Services


Software and Services Partners

Again, we thoroughly and completely endorse the products and services provided by each of the firms noted above.