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Drawing Sheet Index


The following drawings are available in non-printing PDFs.  Simply click on the drawing that you would like to review.

    Requirements Sheet References Wet Signed Date
0. Title Sheet 0.0 Title Sheet Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      0.1 Clean Bay n/a n/a
      0.2 Deconstruction Plan Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      0.3 Utilities Plan Jrider + Design 11/06/08
  1. Plot Plan Topographic Survey Dunbar and Craig April 2008
      12 Proposed Site Plan and Landscaping Jrider + Design 11/06/08
    Areas and Metrics See Sheet 0.0 for Impervious Coverage Calculations Jrider + Design 11/06/08
    Site Development Permit Requirements No conditions stated in the Site Development Permit SS-08-33 dated 07/16/08 n/a n/a
  2. Floor Plan 2.1.A Overview – Main Floor Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      2.1.B Lower Level Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      2.2.A Floor Plan – Main Floor Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      2.2.B Floor Plan Lower Level Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      2.2.C Floor Plan – Clerestory Jrider + Design 11/06/08
    Concrete Panels BD-1 Hollow Core Key Plan John Minton 11/22/08
    Electrical Plan 2.3.A Electrical Plan – Main Floor  Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      2.3.B Electrical Plan – Basement Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      2.3.C Electrical Plan – Exterior Jrider + Design 11/06/08
    Plumbing Fixtures 2.4.A Plumbing Fixtures – Main Floor  Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      2.4.B Plumbing Fixtures – Basement Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      2.4.C Plumbing Fixtures – Exterior Jrider + Design 11/06/08
    Heating appliances, heat register, and cold air returns M.0.1 Notes Monterey Energy Group (MEG) 08/07/08
  M.2.1 Lower Floor Heating Plan MEG 08/07/08
    M.2.2 Upper Floor Heating Plan MEG 08/07/08
    Geothermal heat exchange M.0.1 Mechanical Schedules, Notes and Details Meline Engineering 11/05/08
      M.0.1 Mechanical System Schematic Meline Engineering 11/05/08
      M.1.0 Mechanical Site Plan Meline Engineering 09/09/08
      M.2.0 Lower Level Mechanical Plan Meline Engineering 11/05/08
      M.3.0 Main Level Mechanical Plan Meline Engineering 11/05/08
      M.24.1 Mechanical Title 24 Meline Engineering 11/05/08
      M.24.2 Mechanical Title 24 Meline Engineering 11/05/08
      M.24.3 Mechanical Title 24 Meline Engineering 11/05/08
    Skylights and ICBO numbers See Sheet 6.0 for skylights and ICBO numbers n/a n/a
  3. Exterior Elevation Drawings 3.1 Exterior Elevations – North, South Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      3.2 Exterior Elevations – East, West Jrider + Design 11/06/08
  4. Cross Section Drawings 4.1 Cross Section – X-3.3 Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      4.2 Cross Section – X-5.5 Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      4.3 Cross Section – X-1.6 Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      4.4 Cross Section – Y.2.5 Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      4.5 Cross Section – Y-3.4 Jrider + Design 11/06/08
  5. Foundation Plan S0.0 Structural Specifications Duquette Engineering 11/06/08
      S1.0 Basement Plan Duquette Engineering 11/06/08
      S1.1 Main Floor Framing Plan Duquette Engineering 11/06/08
      S2.0 Foundation Details Duquette Engineering 11/06/08
      SH.1 Shoring Plan/Shoring Details Duquette Engineering 11/06/08
  6. Roof Plan 6.1 Roof Plan Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      6.2 Roof Area – Main Floor Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      6.3 Roof Area – Clerestory Jrider + Design 11/06/08
      SCS Structural Cover Sheet Innovative Structural Engineering (ISE) 09/23/08
      SN1 Structural Note Sheet ISE 09/23/08
      S1 Foundation Plan ISE 10/23/08
      S2 SIP Roof Framing Plan ISE 11/20/08
      S3 SIP Roof Framing Plan ISE 11/20/08
      SD1 SIP General Details ISE 11/20/08
      SD2 SIP General Details ISE 10/31/08
      SIP1 SIP General Details ISE 11/20/08
      SIP2 SIP General Details ISE 11/20/08
      SIP4 Structural Details ISE 11/20/08
      H Hardy Details ISE 10/31/08
  7. Title 24 Calculations 17509 Title 24 Report 02-26-09 Meline Engineering 02/26/09
  8. Structural Calculations Structural Calculations Duquette Engineering 11/04/08
      Structural Calculations ISE 09/22/08
      Structural Precast Calculations John Minton 11/22/08
  9. Soils Reports Geotechnical Investigation JF Consulting 05/01/08
      Review Geotechnical Elements of Design Drawings JF Consulting 08/06/08
  10. Grading and Drainage Plan 10.2 Grading & Drainage Plan Bowman & Williams 02/12/09
      Hydrology Calculations Bowman & Williams 09/23/08
  Other Water Supply Computer Simulation Results San Jose Water Company 06/26/08
  Swimming Pool P.0 Pool Plan Jrider + Design 11/29/08
      P.2 Pool Grading and Drainage Jrider + Design 11/29/08
      P.3 Pool Cross-Sections Jrider + Design 11/29/08


Project Overview >> House Plans >> Main Floor Remodel
New Lower Level
                        >> Integrating Design Elements with Resource Efficiency
                        >> Drawing Sheet Index
                        >> Project Timeline

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