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Project Timeline


This is the current timeline for the project and it will be updated as the timeline changes.

The various phases of this project area as follows:

  1. Engage design team, including architects and engineers.
  2. Obtain site development permit from the City of Monte Sereno.
  3. Complete detailed construction drawings and apply for a building permit.
  4. Construct the building.
  5. Complete the landscaping.

My initial perspective was to work on the phases in parallel. Due to the importance of certain predecessor activities, we had to separate certain activities so we could continue and make progress. For example, we separated the deconstruction and shoring activities from the building permit. As well, we separated the swimming pool from the house permit.

1. Engage design team.

We needed an architect to help us get started. Prior to engaging an architect, we looked at architectural software and concluded that the leading architectural software was ArchiCAD. This became a selection criteria when interviewing architects. Our requirement was that the architect must use the most recent version of ArchiCAD and that we needed to work in three dimensions.

Among the engineering professionals, we needed a soils engineer and a structural engineer. We decided to go with Bill Brown’s recommendation regarding a local soils engineer and engaged Jerry Freeman of JF Consulting in Saratoga. The structural engineer was a bit tougher and, again, we went with Bill Brown’s recommendation and engaged Steve Duquette of Duquette Engineering (based in San Jose).

As we progressed, we needed to have a geothermal engineer. After much investigation on the internet, we engaged Lisa Meline of Meline Engineering. Lisa’s firm is located in Sacramento.

After making the decision to build with SIPs, we needed to have another structural engineer specifically for the SIPs. Again, after investigating the various engineers that have a deep understanding of SIPs, we engaged Shane Lothrop of Innovative Structural Engineering, based in Southern California.

2. Obtain Site Development Permit from the City of Monte Sereno.

The City of Monte Sereno requires a Site Development Permit for major projects. Our initial timeline had a June 9 submittal date for a July 2, 2008 Site and Architecture meeting. Due to conflicts with the July 4 holiday week, the Site and Architecture meeting was moved to Wednesday, July 16. The June 9 submittal date remained.

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