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Featured Products

One of our objectives is to use innovative building products in our remodel.  By innovative, we are looking for building products that increase energy efficiency while conserving our resources.  Also, some building products have been used for some time and are considered as ‘leading practices’ so after careful consideration and evaluation, we are including these products. 

We intend to add value to others by helping with your evaluation of these building products.  Through this web site, you should see the selection and installation of these products, even if they are not visible after construction in the finished structure.

The following building products are featured in our project:

  • Hanson Structural Precast hollow core concrete panels (Spancrete).
  • STYROFOAM Highload 40 Extruded Polystyrene Insulation.
  • Grace Preprufe 300R and 160R.
  • Little GIANT pumps.
  • [we will list other products as they are selected.]

Please consider using these products in your project. You can search on the product name and see where the product is used in our project (often with both a narrative and photos).  We endorse each and every one of these products.

Resources >> Featured Products

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