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Failing Our Mandrel Inspection with PG&E

We were looking forward to today as there were two inspections scheduled.  PG&E was to inspect our underground electrical conduit with a ‘mandrel’ and the City of Monte Sereno was to inspect our solar mounts and the conduit going to the basement.  We ‘failed’ the mandrel inspection and scheduled another inspection for tomorrow, Wednesday 09/08/10.  […]

Welding Our HDPE for the Geothermal Ground Loop

We have a lot going on … connecting our geothermal ground loop, completing all of our underground drainage from the roof to our cistern and setting up the infrastructure for our photovoltaic solar panels.  The last thing we needed was someone to place a SAM storage unit by our property on Winchester Boulevard. Importantly, the two-person […]

‘Laying In’ Our Natural Gas Connection with PG&E

After two failed inspections, we passed our natural gas inspection on Wednesday, 08/18/10, so we could have the PG&E team connect our natural gas line to the main going up Via Sereno.  Today was [another] a big day.  After the natural gas was connected, Bryan ensured the natural gas lines were covered with 6 inches […]

Working on the Roof

We’re now focusing on completing the roof.  Several items need to be constructed so we can put the membrane on the roof, including the perimeter fascia, the skylight curbs, and the infrastructure to support our photovoltaic solar panel installation (mounts and conduit).  After these items are completed, we can put down the tapered insulation, put […]