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Testing Soil Compaction

Our soil compaction was to be completed to at least 90% It was. Soil Compaction Our soils report stated, ‘The drainage material and the clayey soil cap should be placed in layers about 6 inches thick and moderately compacted by hand-operated equipment to eliminate voids and to minimize post-construction settlement.’ We engaged HP Inspections to […]

Conveying the Dirt

It was tough going … filling and compacting the void. Continuing the Process Yes, the conveyors were a bit finicky and fussy today.  We had a number of starts and stops, but made significant progress. Unfortunately, due to the shape of the void (i.e., an inverted right triagle, we made visible progress quickly and then […]

Parking in the Driveway

It is satisfying that we have finally reclaimed the real estate at the front of the house and can [almost] park in the driveway.  Yeah! Compaction Testing by HP Inspections We had HP Inspections perform four compaction tests this morning.  These tests were of the soils that were distributed and compacted on Saturday.  The test results […]