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Preparing for More Rain Showers

The days are getting shorter and the probability of rain increases every day. We continue to address the details required to be completely weather tight. And, no quotes on the door hardware today. Addressing Details The installation of our Kitchen door was almost completed today.  It was roughed in with shims but hasn’t been sealed […]

Scrambling Before the Rains Arrive

Bryan returned from Edmonton last night and scrambled today in order to prepare for the rains forecasted through the weekend. While Bryan was in Edmonton, Al and Nep completed putting the Deck Armor on the gable roofs and even managed to put Grace Ultra (butyl) under the Deck Armor before re-attaching the solar mounts.  This will […]

Bringing Our Reclaimed Beams Home

We completed several tasks on our critical path to completing our SIP roof today.  An important task was to have all of the beams on site so they could be graded.  Having our beams is critical so the structural framing can be completed on the ground floor so we can move the SIPs onto the […]