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Ready to Excavate …

We’re going to take advantage of a window of clear weather and do our best to get our underground CUDO cistern in place this week.  This is a major component of our site infrastructure that will require excavating over 45 cubic yards of material while it is being installed. Engaging Toubar Equipment Company Inc. We […]

Confirming the Location of Our Underground Utilities

We’re trying to get our CUDO cistern installed next week so that item is completed and stroked off ‘the list’ (an achievement for 2009).  This will require excavating so we need to confirm where the underground utilities are located.  Call before you dig … Harvesting Rainwater at 17509 Via Sereno for Irrigation Our plan is […]

Planning for the CUDO System

We believe strongly that water conservation is much more critical than most people recognize and water conservation will become equally as important as energy conservation. To help reduce our water demands, we will use low volume plumbing fixtures and drought tolerant, native California species in our landscaping.  Importantly, we will have an underground cistern that will […]