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Assembling and Installing Our First Sliding Glass Door

In our drive to become weathertight, we need to install our sliding glass doors.  While Murray Windows & Doors must assemble and install three of the sliding glass doors, including the 3-panel 24 ft sliding glass door at the back of the house, there are two exterior sliding glass doors that must be assembled and installed. Seeing the […]

‘Tyveking’ Our Roof

OK, ‘Tyvek’ isn’t a verb.  But, then again, neither is ‘Google’.  But everyone ‘Googles’ people, materials, terms, etc.  We ‘Tyveked’ our roof today. Dave Edwards’ two-person team from Earth Bound Homes worked all day putting building wrap (Tyvek) over the flat and gable roofs.  The Tyvek needs to be in place before Akeena Solar puts […]

‘Laying In’ Our Natural Gas Connection with PG&E

After two failed inspections, we passed our natural gas inspection on Wednesday, 08/18/10, so we could have the PG&E team connect our natural gas line to the main going up Via Sereno.  Today was [another] a big day.  After the natural gas was connected, Bryan ensured the natural gas lines were covered with 6 inches […]

Scheduling Our Trench Inspection with PG&E

We finished the trench work for our natural gas and electric service lines from PG&E today.  Bryan called for the first inspection and was fortunate to schedule the appointment for tomorrow (08/04/10).  However, our PG&E Project Manager, Nathan Lee, cautioned us that the next available ‘lay in’ was two weeks out. Meeting with Allan Courtney […]