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Installing Our 400 Amp Electric Panel

This week ended with two inspections scheduled for Tuesday, 09/07/10:  PG&E will perform the ‘mandrel inspection‘ and the City of Monte Sereno will inspect our mounting system and rough electrical for our solar photovoltaic panels.  We scheduled these inspections because we installed our 400 amp combined service entry device (400 amp electric panel) and all of […]

Verifying Our Insulation Performance and Value

We are getting closer to putting the tapered insulation down on our flat roofs so we can put the membrane on and get water tight.  Before doing so, we verified that the SIP roof has no ‘voids’ in the insulation where the individual pieces come together.  In anticipation of the next step, becoming weather tight, […]

Hosting Lisa Meline’s Site Visit and Going to Watsonville

Lisa Meline, of Meline Engineering, is a key member of our design team as she designed our geothermal heat exchange ground loops and completed the initial design of our radiant system inside the house.  Importantly, Lisa introduced us to Matt Jung of 88HVAC. Lisa sent an e-mail last week saying that she had some meetings […]

Why Are We Installing Solar Photovoltaic Panels?

Many people have asked us why we are installing solar photovoltaic panels on our roof.  They believe that solar thermal panels are superior since solar thermal can provide hot water for (1) domestic hot water; (2) radiant heating inside the house; and (3) heating the swimming pool. Since we will have geothermal energy available for […]