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Coring Through Our Concrete – Day 1

After confirming the location of our PEX in the concrete, we started coring through the penetrations today.  As before, we had Penhall Company send a technician to do the coring. The penetrations are for water supply (hot and cold), drains, drain vents, air ducts, hydronic heating/cooling (supply and return), and electrical wiring.  The holes (penetrations) […]

Furring the Ceiling in the Lower Level

The final parts of the framing with wrapping up in our lower level today.  As well, we started the furring under the hollow core concrete panels. Furring the Ceiling We designed the basement ceiling to reuse the Redwood decking from the original house, which has been ripped in two and remilled by Jackel Enterprises in […]

Setting the Reinforcing Steel Over the Hollow Core Concrete Panels

After checking the perimeter forms, Bill Brown’s team started laying out the reinforcing steel (rebar) over the hollow core concrete panels on our ground floor. There will be at least three inches of concrete covering all of the hollow core concrete panels. Lots of Steel In the living areas, we are using #3 rebar, 18 inches on center, […]

Placing Our Structural Steel

Today was a huge milestone for our project.  Our structural steel is now in place, ready for the hollow core concrete panels. Preparing for the Day It was a perfect blue-sky, California day to place our steel columns and beams.  Not a cloud in the sky and a faint breeze to keep everything cool and […]