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Reviewing Progress on Our Red Front Door

It was a full day today. Al continued working on the roof, trying to stay in front of the forecasted rains for tomorrow (100% probability).  Bryan met with the City of Monte Sereno to review our preliminary lighting control plans, John Rider dropped by to see how the project is developing, Bryan and John met […]

Integrating Our Drainage System

There is no point being ‘weather tight’ until we can move water from our roof to the storm sewer.  Given our desire to harvest all of the rainwater on our roof for landscape irrigation, with our underground cistern, this becomes a bit complicated.  Like our entire project … Rainwater Capture System – Design Overview When […]

Pouring Rain and New Solar Generation Laws in California

It was quite a day today: The forecasted rains arrived, with full force. Our Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed and vetoed numerous bills on Sunday evening, which were announced this morning. The City of Monte Sereno is working on our proposed sign ordinance. Insulspan advised us that we need to complete the shop drawings immediately otherwise our […]