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Operating Our Solar Photovoltaic System!

PG&E inspected our solar photovoltaic system and installed a bi-directional electric meter so we can be a generator of electricity and send power into the grid. The following web site shows our electricity production through Enphase’s Envoy reporting system:  http://enlighten.enphaseenergy.com/public/systems/j8aJ30045 Yippee!

Preparing to Install Our ‘Cool Roof’

Although the sky is clear, the weather forecast for the upcoming week includes a 10% chance of rain.  We know that the rains are coming and we need to be weather tight.  Today, Bryan confirmed that Statewide Roofing will arrive on Wednesday, 09/15/10, to install our tapered insulation on the flat roofs.  Then, they will install the 60 […]