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Configuring the Enlighten Service for Our Power Generation

One of the benefits of the Enphase system is the Enlighten web-based service that shows the status of each solar photovoltaic panel.  Although Liam Ryan completed the initial configuration yesterday, Bryan added some additional details today so the reporting is robust. Link to Enphase Enlighten System Our Enphase Enlighten system portal is as follows: http://enlighten.enphaseenergy.com/public/systems/j8aJ30045 […]

Assembling the Infrastructure to Support Our Photovoltaic Solar Panels

With our deadline looming for our photovoltaic solar panel rebate, our new solar provider, Real Goods Solar, sent out their ‘A’ team to complete our project.  They had three people on site yesterday, and a total of seven people working today.  They will meet the deadline. There are three groups of arrays, with eight panels […]

Working on the Roof

We’re now focusing on completing the roof.  Several items need to be constructed so we can put the membrane on the roof, including the perimeter fascia, the skylight curbs, and the infrastructure to support our photovoltaic solar panel installation (mounts and conduit).  After these items are completed, we can put down the tapered insulation, put […]

Why Are We Installing Solar Photovoltaic Panels?

Many people have asked us why we are installing solar photovoltaic panels on our roof.  They believe that solar thermal panels are superior since solar thermal can provide hot water for (1) domestic hot water; (2) radiant heating inside the house; and (3) heating the swimming pool. Since we will have geothermal energy available for […]