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Integrating Our Drainage System

There is no point being ‘weather tight’ until we can move water from our roof to the storm sewer.  Given our desire to harvest all of the rainwater on our roof for landscape irrigation, with our underground cistern, this becomes a bit complicated.  Like our entire project … Rainwater Capture System – Design Overview When […]

Back to the Winchester Mystery Houses

Not having the model number for our Eichler was becoming frustrating. We went back to the article that was written on Via Sereno (Back to the Winchester Mystery Houses), to verify why we thought we had an MS-344.  The article mentioned a house across the street from us, which was described as an MS-144. Another […]

Lunch with the 'Eichlerholic' (Wally Fields)

Wally Fields, the ‘Eichlerholic’, met us on August 15, 2004 when he was writing a column for the Eichler Network magazine. Wally and his photographer, Mark Watson, visited our street, Via Sereno, to interview several residents and take photographs.  The story, Back to the Winchester Mystery Houses, was printed in the Fall 2004 edition of the […]