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Working with a Crane

The heavy rains yesterday were depressing as we thought of working with a crane today.  Fortunately, we enjoyed a dry and sunny day! We had four tasks for the crane, and we completed them all.  Our crane operator today was Jose Melendez, and he continued to show why we like working with West Coast Cranes:  He was safe, knowledgable, expeditious […]

Preparing for SIPs

A number of project elements (tasks) are going to come together in the next week so we can start assembling our SIPs. We now have an integrated and feasible short-term plan that will see our house rising out of the ground decisively by the end of March.  The next week should be interesting to see […]

Installing Our Stairs and Bridges

Today was a big day for us.  A very big day. The team from Larson Steel (Hector, ‘Little Hector’ and ‘Little Pete’) was fabulous.  They worked well with Ben, our crane operator from West Coast Crane. Background on the Stairs and Bridges With our atrium going through to the lower level, our bridges and stairs will be […]

Picking Up the Conveyors

Our good friends from West Coast Cranes arrived right on time this morning. We packed up the conveyors and sent them home. Yeah! Picking Up the Converyors We scheduled the crane to arrive at 10:15 this morning and the truck from United Rentals at 10:20.  Then, the truck from Bill Brown Construction Company should arrive […]

Placing Our Structural Steel

Today was a huge milestone for our project.  Our structural steel is now in place, ready for the hollow core concrete panels. Preparing for the Day It was a perfect blue-sky, California day to place our steel columns and beams.  Not a cloud in the sky and a faint breeze to keep everything cool and […]